10 Medical Myths You Still Believe.

Do you believe that humans have five senses and using a microwave can give you cancer? In that case, you will be surprised to see those and other health myths exploded. After this article, you will have a great excuse to eat at night.

10. Pregnancy lasts 9 months.

The 40-week pregnancy is a belief that is no longer correct. Now there is more knowledge at hand and more clarification on the subject. Each pregnancy is different it turns out that only 5% of babies arrived on their suppose that due date.

9.  If you are overweight you are unhealthy.

Are you suffering from obesity? In fact, an overweight person may not necessarily be unfit. So, it's incorrect to assume that any overweight person is suffering. A study conducted by dr. Stephen and Blair and his team prove that the death rate of an overweight person who exercises regularly is half of the death rate of a person who falls into the standard weight category. man hand me that cheeseburger body mass index is something else to keep in mind when determining whether or not a person's weight falls into an unhealthy category.

8. Organic food is free of pesticides.

Organic food has become a widespread trend now. Everyone wants to switch to organic food, due to the purity and health benefits it promises. But, unfortunately, this isn't exactly correct. There is a list of more than 20 chemicals that have been approved to be put in organic food production by us organic standards. It must also be kept in mind that despite regulations even organic food is susceptible to chemical flow from fields or nearby factories. So where can you get pure organic food well you can become a farmer and grow food exclusively for yourself.

7. Honey is a natural sugar and it is better than processed sugar.

The next time you want to put a spoonful of honey in your healthy green tea keep in mind what you read below. What if we tell you that honey has more calories than sugar. There are 64 calories in one tablespoon of honey and 49 calories per tablespoon of sugar. Although honey is used in lesser quantities since it is sweeter when compared to sugar. The fact remains that a lot of honey can also lead to weight gain. Medically honey is just as harmful as sugar and can lead to diseases like diabetes heart problems and liver diseases if overused.

6. You can catch a cold because of the cold weather.

And that's false it is the different viruses that make you sick not the cold weather. More people catch a cold in the winter as we spend more time indoors which is good for viruses because they can spread easier. And they feel even better in the spring-summer and beginning of fall in higher humidity.

5. Chicken broth is the best cure for everything.

Your grandmother most likely told you so but she was lying, not that. In fact, chicken broth makes you feel warm on the inside working as a placebo. it doesn't actually cure anything but as long as it makes you believe you're feeling better, hey keep eating it.

4. Eating carrots can give you excellent night vision.

We all learn that one of the advantages of carrots is that they're a good source of vitamin A, That can help improve your vision. Thanks to World War 2 propaganda carrots were seen as the best health food possible. During World War two the British Air Force developed a new type of radar technology and try to hide it from the world by claiming that their newfound success was due to the improved vision of their pilots who ate many carrots. The presence of vitamin A in carrots can help improve your eyesight but it's merely a myth that it can help you obtain night vision.

3. You only use about ten percent of your brain. 

You may have come across this phrase at least all a million times in your life. But, when we say it's not true you can believe that even Albert Einstein would have raised an eyebrow at this revelation. Several scientists and experiments have proven that almost the entire brain is active during a person's lifespan. The brains different parts are all responsible for our body's performance and ten percent of the brain could not handle the functioning of your entire body you are smarter than that.

2. Using microwaves can give you cancer.

Well, microwaves do not cause cancer and this has been confirmed by some of the top researchers. If we look at the heating method of microwaves will see that they produce radiation that heats up the water molecules present in the food, thus making it warm in no way does it change the food or make it cancerous. The only thing to be kept in mind is to use dishes and plastic containers that can be put in the microwave.

1. Eating at night can make you fat.

It's time to forget the famous saying eat breakfast like a king lunch like a prince and dinner like a peasant. weight gain is directly proportional to the amount of exercise you get. the US Department of Agriculture's Weight Control Information Network website the world's longest departmental title states that it is what and how much you eat and how much you exercise throughout the day. And not the time when you eat that matters when it comes to weight gain and loss. as long as you don't forget to exercise the next morning the refrigerator is yours to open during the night.

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