These Tricks Can Keep Your Stomach Healthy.

Stop being a tummy-bully by stuffing all the bad unhealthy food in your stomach and making it suffer. Stop treating it like a garbage can wherein you dump things recklessly. You have to be extremely cautious of what you feed your stomach because your body reflects what the stomach feels.
An unhealthy stomach can lead to various skin problems like acne are many a time. Treat your stomach as the holy-place of your body and it will always throw its bright light of benefits on you.
Here are some of the tricks you can apply to your daily routine to make your stomach healthy.

Best food for Your Stomach.

1. Eat some green veggies.

Go green for your gut! Green vegetables are a must on the top list to improve stomach health as it is an excellent source of insoluble and soluble fibers. They are packed together with full of minerals, vitamins, and iron and is also a good source of magnesium and of course green vegetables are high in fibers. This helps the food easily to move within the digestive track without making it less likely constipated. Plus, their health benefits are supreme.  So, what are you waiting for? Go grab green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and other leafy vegetables from your near grocery store and toss any of them in a pan, sauté it or steam them or if your wish simply just grate and pile them on the top of your salad. The regular consumption will improve your overall intestinal health.

2. Apple.

If you are looking for a healthy stomach plan, nothing but apples will make your way and will keep indigestion away! The apples work incredibly well if you just add this in your daily regime and you will abstract a ton of benefits. Apples have soluble fiber and contain pectin, which acts as a prebiotic. The Pectin fiber evades digestion in your small intestine and then cracked down by the friendly bacteria in your colon. Consequently, it will improve the overall gut health and resolves problems like constipation and diarrhea or intestine infections.

3. Whole Grains.

Whole grains are not only essential for losing the belly fats but they are also super insightful for overall stomach health as it comprises all portions of the grain kernel including bran, germ, and endosperm. In fact, popular crammed are richly packed with oats, quinoa and other goods made from whole wheat. However whole grains support you in a couple of ways in which firstly the fiber extent in it adds bulk to your stool and can also reduce constipation. Secondly, the good bacteria in the gut improve digestion and make your stomach healthy like never before.

4. Papaya.

Papaya is your Knight in Shining Armour! It is already a well-known name in the health circuit known to keep your stomach mighty and healthy. The tropical fruit papaya holds a digestive enzyme called papain along with this it is also high in water content, which aids during the digestive process and keeps the body hydrated. What else? It also relieves you from constipation and bloating and other intestinal issues.

Worst food for Your Stomach.

1. Dairy products.

Seems like a shocker doesn’t it? I am sure it does reason being that throughout our childhood we have been preached to gulp down milk. Let me clarify this for you that dairy products like milk contain a sugar called lactose which is a reason for a lot of stomach aches. It’s not like that you have to avoid all dairy products because not all are bad.

2. Spicy food.

Who doesn’t like having spicy food? Most of us love eating spicy food. Spice is a constant when it comes to cuisines like Thai and Indian. Indulge in the delicacies but go for lesser spice. Spice irritates the esophagus and causes heartburns as well. Don’t cut down on your food choices but cut down your spice intake.

3. Alcohol.

Drinking is super injurious to health. Its not just about the damaging of the lungs but also of your mighty stomach. Most people tend to consume alcohol when they want to party or they are stressed out. Alcohol relaxes the body and does the same to the oesophageal sphincter which can, in turn, lead to acid reflux or heartburn. Drinking can also lead to the inflammation of the stomach lining and can impair various enzymes and further prevent nutrients from being absorbed.

4. Unhealthy Fats.

Unhealthy fats are a complete no-no for your body. It’s going to make your body from fab to flab. The three types of dietary fat are concurrent to inflammation and thus contribute to excessive belly fats which are Trans fat, saturated fats and omega-6 fats. Not just that they also disturb the working and functioning of your stomach.

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