5 Grooming Tactics That Will Make You Feel Sexier.

Today, I’m going go over 5 confidence enhancing grooming tactics that will make you feel much sexier.

1. Regular Haircut. 

I know every reader right now, knows the feeling of getting a fresh haircut. You feel on top of the world and that nobody can stop you just from that one haircut. Which also automatically boosts your confidence. Now imagine you can get that feeling all the time or on a consistent basis, that can only be accomplished if you go to the barbershop regularly. This year, commit yourself to the barbershop at least every 3 weeks. It can be either touch up just to fix your sides or simply a full haircut. With that tip, you will see how this year will be your best year.

2. Always Smell Good.

People around you make judgments on you, using all of their senses including their nose. Therefore, if you smell bad, not only did you start off on the wrong foot but it probably is killing your confidence. So if you are planning on meeting a really hot girl you like, your boss or a potential employer, it is essential to smell your best and that’s going to leave a lasting impression person. Get a long-lasting cologne and please don't buy a gas can in the name of fragrance.  

3. Always Smile.

Develop a good oral routine that’s going to avoid you having bad breath because that’s going to instantly kill your confidence. Also, keep your teeth nice, clean and as white as possible. Whether you have very stained teeth, whether it be from a lot of wine, coffee, tea, cigarettes or whatever. I recommend you use some kind of whitening kit to bring some white back to your smile and make your smile a little bit brighter. All in all, showing off your pearly whites, have been shown to reduce stress levels, increase testosterone all of which will increase your self-confidence.

4. Do the best hairstyle.

First things first, you need to find your face shape. Secondly, use quality hair products, that’s going to help you achieve to get that hairstyle that you always wanted. For example, a shampoo can be never underestimated, some people go to the store and buy the cheapest thing but that actually dry out and harm your hair if you don’t know what ingredients are in it. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, and Style your hair with a good quality hair product.

5. Well-groomed Stubble.

You can ask any girl in your life or just any random girl and I can guarantee you that one of the sexiest things that guys have is beard hair or facial hair, but it’s very important to maintain it. Don’t let it grow out like a crazy bush, however, use beard oil to keep that beard nice, soft and supple. Also, you want to keep it groomed, knowing how to properly grooming a beard is going to enhance features of your face and hide any imperfections making you look, of course, sexier and overall just more confident.

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